Establish your sources of drugs, labs, and specialists

If you're doing in-office dispensing: sign up with a wholesale medication distributor

Andamedsis the go-to vendor for this.

If you choose to use Atlas for your practice management software, they have negotiated a group discount with Andameds.

If you're NOT doing in-office dispensing: help your patients save money at the pharmacy

Point them in the direction of Blink Health, GoodRX, Marley Drug, and and NeedyMeds.

Establish a relationship with a lab

For lab/pathology work, many DPC docs negotiate prices (often low or wholesale ones) with national laboratories (Cedar, CPL, LabCorp, Life Line, Quest, etc). The lab then bills the DPC practice (not the patient) for their services. Some docs treat these labs as a benefit of membership and swallow the cost; others pass the cost through to the patient (potentially with a small markup). This can save your patients a lot of money.

Offering this service to your patients requires negotiating prices with labs upfront. In these discussions, demand similar prices to those already established by previous DPC docs. Check out the price sheet AtlasMD negotiated with Quest.

There may be legal hurdles to doing this depending on your state. For non-pathology lab services, it is illegal in New York and New Jersey (see here). For pathology services, it is illegal in many more states; see the "direct billing" states listed here.

In these states, the patient must arrange payment directly with the lab. Contact the lab to determine the best way to go about this.

Establish a relationship with an imaging center

As with labs, it is possible to negotiate low prices with imaging centers. Reference AtlasMD's imaging price sheet.

Establish relationships with other providers

Consider arranging prices for bariatric surgery, breast health services, digestive disease specialists, endoscopies, eye surgery, general surgery, heart and vascular specialists, kidney stone treatment, oncology specialists, orthopedic surgery, pain management, physical therapy, radiology services, sleep health centers, and spine procedures.

For your reference, price sheets for each of these categories can be found here.

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