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Select an Electronic Health Record service

The main contenders are Atlas, Elation, Practice Fusion, and MD HQ.

Select a member management service

This service will help you keep track of your members, enroll new patients, and manage billing in an automated way. The main contenders are Atlas and Hint.

Select a patient communication service

There is a huge diversity of tools out there, each of which offers a unique feature set and interface. Two of the best are Spruce Health and Hale, both of which offer secure messaging, phone calls, and teleconferencing.

Note that Atlas can also provide you with an additional phone number for texting and calls.

If you do in-office dispensing: select an inventory management service

The main contenders are MDScripts, Flexscan, and DispensePoint.

Select an e-prescribing service

There are an unbelievable number of options here. See the list of SureScripts-certified e-prescription services here.

Of note: e-prescribing is integrated into Elation. Atlas provides an integrated e-faxing service for communicating with pharmacies.

If you're old-school and prefer fax, check out e-fax services like HelloFax, RingCentral, or MetroFax.

Check out these other useful services

store files in the cloud (HIPAA-compliant with a Dropbox Business account)

consult a network of specialists to quickly get answers to hard medical problems

easily schedule email reminders for yourself - there's a lot to remember when starting a practice

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