Get your gloves on, there's paper to push

Decide whether to buy, rent, or lease

Or work from's been done.

Find a location

Use Trulia, Zillow, and, yes, even Craigslist.

Arrange the front office space

Check out our Office Supplies Checklist here. We'll leave the interior decoration up to you.

Figure out the front-office check-in process

You could hire a front-office person, do patient check-in yourself, or use an iPad/kiosk for check-in.

Remember, hiring employees (even one) makes you subject to OSHA (see below).

If you have employees: set up HR/payroll software

These days, it's cheap, easy, and beats arranging a bank transfer by hand every two weeks. QuickBooks is a tried-and-true option.

If you have employees: consider offering life, health, and accident insurance

And of course free DPC subscriptions!

Questions? Recommendations? Concerns?

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