If a DPC practice opens in a forest but it has no patients, has it really opened?

List your practice on Google Maps

You can do so here. Also add some high-quality photos to your listing and remember to ask your patients for Google reviews.

Brainstorm ways to get free exposure

Do you have any friends who work at the local paper? If not, cold-email the news desk anyway with a press kit about DPC, your practice, and your story (template here. Propose an interview to local talk radio stations. Offer free flu shots. Host a 5K or an open house, perhaps related to an upcoming holiday.

Get an A-frame sandwich board

Get one on Amazon here. Deisgn a large poster for it, get a laminated copy printed, and put it by the sidewalk closest to your practice. If you're near a busy street, this is equivalent to hundreds of dollars of free advertising."

Print custom stationery

Marketing flyers, price lists: make it easy for your patients to advertise on your behalf.

Business cards: make it easy for your patients to contact you; this is likely a huge factor in their decision to join a DPC practice/

Custom letterhead, envelopes: not vital but a nice-to-have that lends additional professionalism to your practice.

Check for retiring physicians nearby

If they are retiring early as an escape from bureaucratic headaches, they may be interested in working as an employed physician at your practice.

Otherwise, you might be able to convince them a) of the merits of DPC and b) to send their patients your way once they close their doors. Check out this template letter published by AtlasMD.

Reach out to nearby self-insurance TPAs/brokers

The DPC model perfectly complements the high-deductible, low-premium plans a self-insurance broker is likely to be selling. These brokers could bring an entire company of patients in one fell swoop.

Add your practice to DPC directories

The largest is DPC Frontier's mapper here, but there are others here and here.

Reach out to Health Sharing Ministries

There are probably multiple based out of the nearest city to you. Make yourself known to them - they often highlight DPC practices.

Talk to the specialists you refer to

Specialists tend to like DPC practices: they get paid in cash immediately by an entity with a face and an email address (that would be you). They may direct patients to your practice, or at least mention the existence of DPC to any particularly disgruntled patients.

Make a Facebook Page for your practice

And, yes, you'll have to actually post things to it. Preferably interesting ones. Some ideas:

  • preventative health tips
  • pithy comments about medically-related current events
  • PSAs relating to common issues: tick bites, flu, etc
  • interesting developments in the DPC world; your patients have a stake in DPC too

Consider paying for advertising

There are the old-school methods: radio, billboard, and newspaper ads. The consensus is these are poor investments.

Online advertising can be much more successful. Facebook lets you "boost" posts to your Page for $5, which displays it in the timelines of people who might be interested. Also it's easy to advertise on Google using Adwords Express.

Make advertising partnerships

Partner with local gyms, YMCA, and health clubs. You can each display the other's marketing materials, send each other customers, and even offer "exclusive partnership discounts" (!)

Set up a referral program

Offer a $100 Amazon gift card to patients that refer someone to your practice.

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